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With this web shop www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com aims to provide information on the products which she sees as part of her portfolio. 
www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com strives to keep the contents of the web shop up to date and complete, however cannot guarantee this. 

The presented information on cheese moulds serves as indication only. If you decide to use the information, www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com advises you to do further investigation or to consult experts.
www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com collects, arranges and presents the information extremely careful. 
Because the information comes from third parties, www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com is not liable for the correctness and completeness of it. Use of information is  on own account and risk. 

Except in case of deliberate or serious misbehaviour, www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com does not accept any liability for the impact of the use of (the contents of) this web shop. 

This Internet site contains links or references to Internet sites and sources that are maintained by third parties and have been made available to other parties. Because www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com has no influence on (the contents of) those Internet sites and/or sources www.kadovacheesemouldshop.com can not be held responsible for the correctness or completeness of the presented information on those Internet sites and/or pages. 
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To this Internet site and the disclaimer applies the Dutch law. All disputes on account of or concerning this disclaimer will be presented at exclusion to the competent judge in the Netherlands. If other language versions of the disclaimer show discrepancies or would lead to different interpretations, the version in the Dutch language is decisive.