The Kadova® Product  Kadova top quality Cheese Moulds
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The Kadova® Product

Dear cheese maker,

As you probably know Kadova ® is one of the leading brand names to the dairy industry for more than 40 years. 

KADOVA® cheesemoulds are suitable for manual, traditional cheese making but also for semi and fully automated production processes. Kadova ® cheese moulds are used for the production of semi and hard pressed types of cheese. 

KADOVA®  moulds consist of 4 parts: the mould, a mould net, the lid and a lid net.
The moulds are offered, in all standard sizes, in single as well as multi-mould configuration. 
Available shapes are: 

Advantages of the Kadova ® cheesemoulds:

The design provides less maintenance, superb cleaning results and thus better hygiene. 
All cheesemoulds are produced with FDA-approved materials.

The Kadova Cheese Mould carries the full Kadova® cheese mould product line!
In other words: we can supply you with the Kadova® cheese mould (part) you are looking for!

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