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Privacy is a web shop of Be-St Holland Products B.V.

Our postal mail address is: 

Be-St Holland Products B.V.
Mozartlaan 3B, 
4614 AC Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands trades directly with its consumers. 
The contact that you, the customer, has with, will go mainly by means of e-mail, telephone, mail or Internet. 

Protection of personal data. respects the personal life environment of its customers. In the implementation of our activities the protection of personal data is very important to us. Personal data are handled very carefully and are handled in a protected way. in this respect obeys the rules that the Dutch law states on protecting personal data. 

Use of personal data. uses your personal data to inform you concerning our products and services which can be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive this information, please inform our sales department by means of an email at: If this cancellation concerns information which you have received by e-mail, please answer the concerning e-mail using as subject "unsubscribe". does not hand over your data to third parties. does not sell or hand over personal data to third parties. Only after consulting you and only with your approval, will hand over your data to third parties that have been involved in, for instance, a project. These can be for example equipment suppliers that you are working with on the project. 

Cookies. uses cookies to collect data of visits to our web shop. For example data of the “most visited page”. The objective is to continuously improve the lay out of our web shop. Moreover cookies are used to recognise you at a next visit and to be able to make customer specific offers to you. If you do not accept the use of cookies, then you can eliminate cookies in your browser. 

Turning off cookies can limits the use of our web shop. If you accept cookies, these are stored on your computer during a maximum of 5 years. Of course you can always remove them manually at any moment. 

So far our privacy policy. 

Questions regarding our privacy policy can be send to our sales department at or you can contact us by means of:

Phone: + 31 (0) 164 299386
Postal mail: 
Be-St Holland Products B.V.
Mozartlaan 3B 
4614 AC Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands 

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